Hello & welcome to my blog! I have never had a blog before but I will defenitely enjoy sharing my betta loving adventures here! Just a little overview.. I have a 10 gallon heated filtered tank for my one and only betta, an orange female veil tail betta named Teeney. She shares here home with two nerite snails, named Miles & Cargo. For the past four weeks, I have been carefully fish-in cycling her tank.. and it looks like we have finished the cycle! I am surprised it has gone so fast, but the fact that my tap water contains ammonia contributed! (I use prime water conditioner to detoxify the ammonia.) I am very excited to have this done, woo! I hope to eventually add some ghost shrimp to the tank


    I am a young animal lover. I enjoy reading about, writing about and caring for all types of animals.


    August 2012